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Business Network of Allegheny Valley (BNAV)

  • A networking group devoted to the Business of Doing Business and more
  • Focused on Referrals of business orders and leads to members of the group.
  • Meets two times a month at Villa Ballanca for a Meeting and Lunch.
  • Provides time each meeting for members to do a brief informational update on their business activities.
  • Provides one member each meeting to do a 20 minute presentation on their business for the other members.
  • Allows and encourages members to invite potential new business members as guests to meetings to see what we’re about.
  • Allows only one member to hold a specific business category within the group so there is no internal competition among members of the group.
  • Periodically share and discuss ideas to make the Business of Doing Business a more enjoyable and profitable endeavor.
  • Promotes an annual local charitable function as a way to give back to the communities that support our business.

Still not convinced? You should call for information on joining, talk with some of our current BNAV Members and see what they say about being a BNAV member.




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